Keep the Change - creating lasting change

People and organizations alike want to create change to improve something or some about themselves, and put into practice knowledge and utilize those resources to bring about that change. But when they attempt to execute those changes or change initiatives they are often held back or impeded by varying degrees of resistance to that desired and even critically necessary change. These tips are being offered to those individuals and organizations who would overcome that resistance.

Wilson and I wish everyone a marvelous Monday. Seize the day.

Wilson and I wish everyone a marvelous Monday. Seize the day.

Bike riding with friends… almost heaven.

Understanding how habits are formed can help an individual or an organization control, diagnose, and change that habit.


This is one of my more important videos ( for me and my views on where things are going )

Understanding habit loops can help indviduals and organizations diagnose, control, and change habits thus resulting in different outcomes results.

This is day that the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.

To accelerate and implement change pursue mentoring relationships.

To apply knowledge in order to make change happen and stick, you and/or organization need a crystal clear picture of what it is you want, why you want that, and a specific road map of how you’re going to get there. Additionally Tony Robbins talks about the importance identifying the emotions and insight people would experience if they would achieve those goals or realize those plans (rewards). On the other hand what would they experience if they didn’t accomplish those goals (consequences)?

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